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Absolom Roche is an internet based company.  We have associates in New York, Houston, and Indonesia, and use a telephone routing system for all calls.  In an effort to provide our clients with the best prices, we don’t staff a full time receptionist and rely upon voicemail to prioritize and return calls.  When calling us, please leave a voicemail and your call will be returned no later then the next business day.  For faster service, email us at, or simply complete the form below.

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Absolom Roche is a manufacturer and online retailer of Fabulous Baroque Furniture and Throne Chairs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
We have offices in Houston, New York, and Indonesia.  They are really just hot desks as WeWork and four houses we turned into s manufacturing compound in Indonesia but it works for us. 

Why don’t you have a store?
Not only do we not have a store, but we also don’t have a fixed warehouse.  We utilize storage facilities around the country.  This allows us to pre place inventory based upon real time sales trends and enables us to increase or decrease capacity based upon the actual need to store our product.  You, the client, ultimately pay rent on an empty warehouse. 

Why do you use an automated call routing system? 
Absolom Roche is an Internet based company.  We have associates in New York, Houston, and Indonesia, and use a telephone routing system for all calls.  In an effort to provide our clients with competitive pricing, we don’t staff a full time receptionist and rely upon voicemail to prioritize and return calls.  When calling us, please leave a voicemail and your call will be returned no later then the next business day.  For faster service, email us at, or simply complete the form below.

I’ve seen comments from people that say you never call back and they think you’re a fraud or scam.
We work on the premise that 10 percent of the clients take 90 percent of the resources.  As such, we try to filter those ten percent before they become clients.  If you call and ask the price of something or anything that is clearly noted on an ad, or website, were not going to call you back, because your already taking more time then the other 90 percent of people that already bought and it’s not likely that will change if you become a client.  They make retail stores for people like that. 

Why don’t you take phone orders?
We have found that there is a high percentage of fraud on phone orders.

What forms of payment do you take?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and ApplePay.

I’ve seen some bad reviews.
We will be the very first to admit we are not perfect.  To date we know of four complaints, all resolved, through the Better Business Bureau, the industry standard review source.  There a two threads of reviews in the website that were started by the wife of a former business associate.  On one thread, she makes it look like we are another company; on the other, she makes it look as if we are responding to the reviews.  It is unfortunate that allows this behavior.  It is even more unfortunate that the young lady behind this is a first year attorney who should have some respect for the laws she is breaking. 

Our company is Absolom Roche, Inc., a Texas corporation, doing business as Absolom Roche. 

On January 18, 2018, we began asking for client testimonials.  They can be found at

When will I receive my order?
Price includes free shipping anywhere in the U.S. (Excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico).  Items ship in 15 business days and they have a transit time of 10 to 12 business days thereafter to your home or business.  

I want to cancel my order.
No problem, you can do that at anytime.  Simply send an email to

Why did you can my order?
It is our policy to cancel and refund any order where we determine that a client has not familiarized themselves with the item description, ship date, transit times, or our shipping policies.  Our merchant account requires that we maintain a dispute/fraud rate at or below 1%.  That means if just 1 client out of 100 chooses not to read the item description or ship date of a pre-order sale item and calls their credit card company to state that they haven’t received their merchandise, we receive massive penalties, which would not only hurt us, but would also hurt the 99 other clients that read their item description and ship date.  So, when a client asks about their delivery in May and its not even set to start the shipping process until July, we just cancel their order and advise them to revisit the item description.  We could hire more people to call everyone that asks and explain what they should have already read, but that just increases costs to the 99 other people that took the time to read, so were not going to do that. 

What is your return policy?
You may return your unused item within 14 days of receiving your shipment.  We highly recommend you thoroughly inspect your product at time of delivery.  We incur return shipping cost on orders that are refused at delivery, however, the customer incurs all shipping costs on post delivery returns.

Why does shipping take so long?
We find that people struggle with understanding our shipping times, so here is some insight into our operations.  Our ready to ship products ship to our fulfillment center three days after we receive an order.  We allot 15 business days, which doesn’t include Saturday, Sunday, or holidays at the fulfillment center after which we send the shipment to the final destination, allotting 10 to 12 business days.  That equals 27 to 30 business days, which lends itself to the question of why?  If the items are in stock, why does it take so long?

We offer free shipping on all of our products, but its not free to us; we have to build it into the price.  We allot $100 per item for our internal delivery cost.  That’s very low given that the cost to ship our product via a freight carrier is approximately $420 per pallet, and a loveseat takes two pallets.  So the way that we accomplish this is we ship in house.  When you ship in house, you look at things as cost per mile.  Our average cost to deliver a product is about $1.70 per mile, which pays for the truck, gas, and the driver.  With this information, you can see that a delivery from New York to Chicago for example, cost us about $1350, which means we have to have 14 deliveries along that route before we meet our internal shipping costs.  That’s where the 15 days comes in.  It takes us about 15 days to sell enough along the route.  The 10 to 12 business days after that is just how long the drivers take, as we don’t leave the items at your doorstep, we bring them inside and the client has to inspect and accept them.  

For those of you that need it faster, we offer expedited shipping through freight carriers, its just expensive.  Good news though, we'll give you a discount of $100 to compensate you for our internal shipping cost.

What is a pre-order?
Pre orders serve you, the consumer, and us.  We offer substantial discounts on Pre order sales, which is an item that is in the manufacturing process and has not yet shipped from Indonesia.  Our benefit is the cost savings associated with grouping purchases by region and sending them to the nearest regional United States port, saving is ground transportation costs.

Why do you use rental trucks to deliver?
We have a staff of drivers.  We fly out drivers to the location where we have staged the inventory for a region; the driver rents a truck, makes deliveries, and flies home. 

What happens if my product arrives damaged?
We try to inspect all Products before they are loaded on the delivery truck.  If your allocated delivery arrives damaged in the container, we asses the severity and either file a claim with the insurance and offer a refund or replacement, or send a photo prior to delivery and offer a damage discount, replacement, or refund. 

Remember, these are hand made solid wood items that travel from highly humid tropical climate, fifteen thousand miles to a low humidity climate, stacked on top of each other in a metal container riding on 30 foot waves.  Damage does happen. 

Were constantly striving the develop processes to mitigate damage during transportation.  In the event damage happens during final transport in the delivery truck, the client has the option at delivery of a discount, redelivery, or refund.

I bought a preorder and it was damaged, I opted for a replacement over a refund, when will I receive the replacement?
Damaged preorders are replaced with preorders.  Likewise damaged ready to ship orders are replaced with ready to ship orders.  We post the pre order delivery dates on our website.   We understand how frustrating damage and the associated wait times for a replacement can be and we will work on a case-by-case basis to find a solution to help ease the inconvenience that the damage has caused. 

My product is late or damaged.  I am an event planner and this product was for a clients wedding.  This is going to ruin my business reputation. 
Good news.  We’re staging our most popular items in our largest markets across the US to be used as a free rental should such an occurrence happen.  We’re only successful if our business clients are successful, so we work to find solutions like this.  To be fair to everyone, this is only available once the product is late per the timelines posted in the item description of the product you purchased. 

Why don’t you use normal delivery companies like FedEx or UPS? 
Nearly all of our products are too large to be shipped within the cost parameters we set for deliveries.  Our signature chair for example costs$100 to crate and $400 to ship through a traditional carrier but $150 if we do it ourselves. 

I want to pick up?  Can I do that?
We are beta testing client pickups in the NYC area.  Those items must be purchased through  We're currently staging our products in storage facilities in all major markets and will offer picks ups throughout the US in late Q2 2018.

Do you have a catalog? 
No, our catalog is our website.

Will you make me a custom product?
Send us an email with a photo.  We make those decisions on a case-by-case basis. 

Do you offer Custom upholstery and trim colors?
Yes, we will customize any order, however the build and ship time is approximately 120 days. 

I saw an item for $499 and now it is $1699.  What happened? 
From time to time, usually once or twice a year, we have an incredible sale.  Our products are prices at our cost and sometimes even below.  For example, after the holidays most people have spent their excess money and are waiting on a tax refund.  That’s not a good time to be selling a luxury product.  We have a dozen drivers and 35 craftsmen in Indonesia to keep busy, thus, we discount it in order to keep our people busy and the wheels turning.

I upholster furniture.  Will you sell me just the wooden frame?
Yes, but the price is the same.  The vast majority of the cost of the product is the wood, the carving of he wood, and the shipping.

I’ve heard that you won’t sell to someone if they buy from your competitor.  Is that true? 
Partially, there is a gentleman in Brooklyn that built his business off of buying our pre-order sale products, mining our Instagram followers for telephone numbers and calling our clients and telling them all kinds of nasty stuff about us. 

If one of our event planner clients purchase from him, we have a policy that we cancel or refuse any orders for six months. 

That gentleman now imports and sells an inferior product, continue to conduct himself in an unethical way, and we don’t want to be associated with anyone that does business with him. 

Being said, the fake reviews in were written by a competitor’s wife.  That gentleman makes a quality product and while he allows, if not participates in the fake review campaign, we don’t have the same policy towards him or any other competitor.

Someone in the same Facebook group said you cancelled and refunded their order because they wrote a negative comment about you online. 
This is true, but it applies only to our business-to-business clients.  It is our view that a business-to-business relationship must be mutually beneficial.  Both companies must be healthy for the relationship to survive.  We frown on negative public comments prior to our having the opportunity to resolve any issue. 

What are your products made from? 
Our products are constructed from solid mahogany wood.  The wood is kiln dried for two weeks, hand carved by one of our expert artisans, and then finished with a pre-paint epoxy hardener which helps eliminate cracking due to the change in humidity from Indonesia to New York. 

Do you use real leather? 
No, we use commercial grade bonded leather rated at 30000 cycles.  This means you should be able to sit down 30000 times before it shows wear or cracks.  It’s very tough stuff.

Do the beds come with a mattress or do you sell mattresses. 

What is the weight limit of a particular item?
We don't know, we don't test our items for weight limit.  We do know that our products are made from solid mahogany wood and that we have never had return due to damage occurring due to too much weight being held in the seat or bed.  

I’m in a Facebook group for party planners and I hear that you are always late delivering.
We previously utilized a US distributor to purchase our products and in 2016 outgrew their capacity to deliver.  We messed up.  In July 2017, we began manufacturing our own product and in December 2017, we opened our fourth production facility in Indonesia.  We have also increased our driver staff from two to twelve.  We have learned from our mistakes and we hope those people give us another chance.

How can I verify your manufacturing and import claims?
There are several third party companies that provide this information, we’ve heard Import Genius is fairly accurate.  Here is a link: