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Absolom Roche is an internet based company.  We have associates in New York, Houston, and Indonesia, and use a telephone routing system for all calls.  In an effort to provide our clients with the best prices, we don’t staff a full time receptionist and rely upon voicemail to prioritize and return calls.  When calling us, please leave a voicemail and your call will be returned no later then the next business day.  For faster service, email us at, or simply complete the form below.

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Absolom Roche is a manufacturer and online retailer of Fabulous Baroque Furniture and Throne Chairs.

Shipping Times

Shipping Times

We find that people struggle with understanding our shipping times, so we would like to offer some insight into our operations.  Our ready to ship products ship to our fulfillment center three days after we receive an order.  We allot 15 business days, which doesn’t include Saturday, Sunday, or holidays at the fulfillment center after which we send the shipment to the final destination, allotting 10 to 12 business days.  That equals 27 to 30 business days, which lends itself to the question of why?  If the items are in stock, why does it take so long?

We offer free shipping on all of our products, but its not free to us; we have to build it into the price.  We allot $100 per item for our internal delivery cost.  That’s very low given that the cost to ship our product via a freight carrier is approximately $420 per pallet, and a loveseat takes two pallets.  So the way that we accomplish this is we ship in house.  When you ship in house, you look at things as cost per mile.  Our average cost to deliver a product is about $1.70 per mile, which pays for the truck, gas, and the driver.  With this information, you can see that a delivery from New York to Chicago for example, cost us about $1350, which means we have to have 14 deliveries along that route before we meet our internal shipping costs.  That’s where the 15 days comes in.  It takes us about 15 days to sell enough along the route.  The 10 to 12 business days after that is just how long the drivers take, as we don’t leave the items at your doorstep, we bring them inside and the client has to inspect and accept them.  

For those of you that need it faster, we offer expedited shipping through freight carriers, its just expensive.  Good news though, we'll give you a discount of $100 to compensate you for our internal shipping cost.

From time to time, we have shipping damage.  Our products are hand made and come as a single piece.  They are amazing products and to keep them that way, we don’t disassemble them once our craftsman make them.  This leads to damage of some sort on about 5 percent of our products.  We’ve had some clients get really angry when we tell them that their items are damaged and I wish I could tell them how mad it makes us too.  We have to pay to replace it and dispose of the damaged item at less than cost.  Moreover, our drivers still get paid and use gas, so if you think about it, we paid shipping on a product we didn’t deliver.  Just wanted to put that out there, as I’ve read some of the things people have said.

We’ve read some social media groups, and are aware there are some conspiracy theorist out there, so we wanted to explain.

Oh, one more thing, we have those that don’t understand why we don’t offer tracking.  The hardware for the trucks and warehouse and software for such an endeavor exceeds a quarter million dollars, we'd rather offer low prices.  You can call or email our shipping coordinator, we will update you.  If a client is ever uncomfortable, we'll always issue a refund.